Luxury shoe trees with ENGRAVING in Aromatic Red Cedar

Product information "Luxury shoe trees with ENGRAVING in Aromatic Red Cedar"

Duty material to increase the shelf life of your high quality shoes,

with a shoe tree of the luxury class!

Features: Made of aromatic red cedar. This special wood is one of the eldest conifers species on earth, with outstanding quality characteristics. It produces its own oil, Thujaplizin which provides a self-protection against wood pests. This ensures a long shelf life. In addition, cedar diffuses a pleasant aromatic smell that wards off moths in a natural way and deodorizes your shoes. Moreover, your clothing is protected in a simple manner against these pests. The wood is untreated. Between the heel andmetatarsus there is a double suspension is appropriate, in conjunction with the springs in the forefoot your shoes are best stretched.

General: On the day when you wear your shoes the foot constantly gives off moisture to the leather. After taking off the shoes the Cedar shoe trees will be introduced and left overnight in the shoes. This special wood abstracts the moisture of the leather and deodorizes them (best pleasant smell and wearing of the shoes the next day). The withdrawal of moisture increases the life of your shoes. Trough the span of the built-in spring tension your shoes are crabbed and the wrikles on the leather are minimized.

Engraving: Main plates with single-line engraving as desired, such as: name, company name, greetings or monogram. Signs in the size, 40 mm x 10 mm. 2 panels per pair will be attached. One on the left and one on the right of the shoe tree. Please give us in the purchase statements your engraving request in the comment  field .

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2 October 2009 22:01

Ein Traum!

Ein Traum für jeden, der Schuhspanner benutzt (sollte aber für jeden, der hochwertige Schuhe trägt, Standard sein). Leider habe ich bis jetzt nur Schuhspanner ohne Gravur -:). Gruß an alle Putzer! Wolfgang B. aus Koblenz

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